Free Spotify Premium for Family. Log in to your own account, then click the invite link to enjoy the perks of premium subscription.

Do you want to watch Cable TV channels but no plans of availing a monthly subscription? You don't have a TV at home, and you're just watching your downloaded videos on an Android phone over and over again? Are you often away from home, so you're unable to watch your favorite series on a Cable channel? In continue reading this tutorial, I will show you how to watch Live Cable TV on your Android device, anytime and anywhere, for FREE.

We have appliances at home like TV and Aircon that use a remote control to adjust their settings. You can change the channel, lower the volume, adjust the temperature, etc., without the need to leave your position. Thanks to remote control devices, but have you ever think if we can control the computer or PC remotely using mobile phones? Yes, it is possible, but how? Follow the instructions below, and you will see how cool these features are.

This pandemic, one of the things that people do while staying at home is to watch movies and TV series. It is easy to download and subscribe to a premium subscription of Netflix or other streaming apps to watch for 1 month but with a fee. Most people can't afford this kind of paid service because it is too pricey, and some streaming apps are not providing HD quality for basic subscriptions. You can try other options like searching free download movies or tv series online using search engines, but it isn't easy to find because some websites are not offering this content for free. You can encounter some websites that will require you to click many links or ads before you can download their free content, it is a hassle, and there is a chance that you might get a virus or malware that will destroy your phone or pc. So better skip this option.

Did you know that you can watch or download movies and TV series with no hassle, and the apps that you will use are came directly from Google Play Store? You need to follow the below requirements and instructions so you can now start your movie marathon on your Android phone/tablet/TV.

Do you want to create your personal website or blog site, but you don't have the budget for it? In this tutorial, I will show you how to have your own website for FREE; you don't need to spend a lot of money for web hosting, domain name and SSL (for website security). Just take note of the web links below and follow the instructions to start creating your website.

Some of the viruses nowadays can hide files or folders on a USB Flash Drive, and they make clone files with the same name and icon that pretend to be the original files or folders; this is where the virus is hidden. Most anti-virus software can detect this virus and remove it, but it left the original files or folders gone or hidden. Following this tutorial, you can easily fix and unhide the files or folders on the USB Flash drive hidden by a virus.

Nowadays, most of us have a hard time finding or downloading mp3 music with high quality. Some are getting songs from converted or extracted audio files of Youtube videos which is a hassle because you need to find a website that is capable of converting a YT video into mp3 format. Other problems that you can encounter with this are the long introduction of the video before the song starts to play and the random background sounds which are irritating to hear. This is Ok for some but why you need to be contented on this if there is another option wherein you will satisfy more with the music quality

By continue reading this post, I will show you how to download a music file in high-quality MP3 or FLAC format. These music files also have the complete tags including Artist Name, Album Info, Year Released, Cover image, etc.

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