We have appliances at home like TV and Aircon that use a remote control to adjust their settings. You can change the channel, lower the volume, adjust the temperature, etc., without the need to leave your position. Thanks to remote control devices, but have you ever think if we can control the computer or PC remotely using mobile phones? Yes, it is possible, but how? Follow the instructions below, and you will see how cool these features are.


  • Fast Internet Connection - It can be a Mobile Data or WIFI as long as it has fast internet speed.
  • Android Device - You can use a phone or tablet that is based on Android. The required Android versions are 10 and below. It is not recommended to install the app on Android 11 as you will encounter some bugs and touchscreen issues.
  • Windows PC - The required OS are Windows 7, 8 and 10. But the PC app has been tested using Windows 10.
  • PhoneMyPC (For Android devices) - Install this app to your android device to function as a remote control.
  • PhoneMyPC (For Windows PC) - Install this app to your PC to control it remotely using an Android device.

PhoneMyPC Features:

  • You can view on your Android device the monitor display of your PC. There are two options, you can choose between View Only or Interact Live.
  • You can control and move the mouse pointer of the PC by using the touchscreen of your Android device.
  • You can use your Android device as a keyboard to type texts on a PC.
  • You can open an app, folder or file on PC using an Android device as the navigation.
  • You can hear on your Android device the captured sound of the PC's microphone (if the PC has a microphone attached to it).
  • You can view on your Android device the webcam of your PC (if the PC has a webcam attached to it).
  • You can close a process or apps that are currently running on a PC using an Android device.
  • You can control your PC using an Android device wherever you are as long as the two devices are connected to a fast internet connection.

For PC:

  • Make sure that the PC is connected to the internet.
  • Download the PhoneMyPC app and install it.


  • On the installation window, click the Next button until you reach the Close button to exit. We will not modify the installation settings.





  • There are times that the app is not automatically open after installation, so you need it to be manually open. Click the Windows Start button and find the PhoneMyPC shortcut under the SoftwareForMe folder.
  • If the User Account Window appeared; click Yes.
  • The PhoneMyPC app window will pop up; it will show you the Settings tab. From there, enter your preferred Username and Password. Please take note of these login details as you will need them later. There is also an option to change the Computer Name, but you can leave it as it is.


  • Next, click OK then the app window will close. Open it again and check if there is a Connected status on PhoneMyPC's status bar. If the Connected status is not showing, please make sure that the PC is connected to the internet.
  • Click the Advanced tab. Put a check on Start when windows starts, so every time the PC turns on, the app will automatically be open in the background. You can also check the Hide system tray icon if you don't want the app's icon to appear in the taskbar.


  • Click OK, then leave the app running in the background.

If your PC has Anti-virus installed, don't forget to exclude the PhoneMyPC.exe, PhoneMyPC_Helper.exe and PhoneMyPC_Loader.exe from auto scanning so the anti-virus will not detect them as viruses. FYI, this app is not a virus; most anti-virus apps are just strict regarding unknown apps, so don't worry, it is totally safe.


For Android devices:

  • Make sure that the Android device is connected to the internet.
  • Download the PhoneMyPC app and install it on your device.
  • Since the app did not come from Google Playstore, we need to allow the Unknown Sources option in Settings of the device to install apps from external sources like PhoneMyPC.
  • After installing the PhoneMyPC app, find it on your phone's App list, then open it.
  • A pop-up window will appear stating that the app uses a large amount of data; click OK. Then click again OK on the next window.
  • Next, the Settings window of PhoneMyPC will pop up; you need to fill up the Credentials. Type the login details such as Username and Password that you used a while ago in the PC setup.


  • Click the back button to return to PhoneMyPC's main window. There should be a computer name showed on the list. Click it.


  • You can now control the PC remotely using your phone. Explore how to use it because it is so easy.



Please Read:

  • Use this app at your own risk. I'm not responsible if this app damages your device/s. This tutorial worked on my devices, and I didn't encounter any problems using the app.
  • I want to share it for educational purposes only. Would you please not use it to spy on someone because that will cause you some trust issues?

Download Links:

PhoneMyPC for Windows
PhoneMyPC for Android

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