Some of the viruses nowadays can hide files or folders on a USB Flash Drive, and they make clone files with the same name and icon that pretend to be the original files or folders; this is where the virus is hidden. Most anti-virus software can detect this virus and remove it, but it left the original files or folders gone or hidden. Following this tutorial, you can easily fix and unhide the files or folders on the USB Flash drive hidden by a virus.

  • Plug your USB Flash Drive on PC (you must know the drive letter, Example: E:/), ensure that it was already scanned by Anti-virus software and considered virus-free.
  • Open the Command Prompt application.
  • Type the following:

(Note: change X with the drive letter of your USB Flash Drive)

  • Then input this:
attrib -s -h /s /d *.*
  • Now check your USB Flash Drive if the files and folders appeared.

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