Do you want to watch Cable TV channels but no plans of availing a monthly subscription? You don't have a TV at home, and you're just watching your downloaded videos on an Android phone over and over again? Are you often away from home, so you're unable to watch your favorite series on a Cable channel? In continue reading this tutorial, I will show you how to watch Live Cable TV on your Android device, anytime and anywhere, for FREE.



  • Fast Internet Connection - You can use any internet, whether mobile data or unlimited WIFI, as long as it has a fast internet speed, so you won't encounter some buffering in Live TV streaming.
  • Android Device - It can be a phone, a tablet, or a TV based on Android. Most Android versions are supported.
  • Perfect Player - Download this free app on Google Playstore. Here we can watch the Live TV Streaming.



  • Go to Google Playstore on your Android phone, download and install the Perfect Player app.


  • Next, download this backup file and take note of the location where the file has been saved; we need this later.
  • Open the Perfect Player app and accept the Terms of Use.

  • After that, you will see a menu bar on top. Click the Settings button (gear icon).

  • Choose Defaults and then click Restore Settings.

  • A phone permission window will pop up; click Allow.

  • Click the Restore Settings again and locate the backup file you downloaded before (.ppbck is the file format). If you're unable to find it, look on your phone's Downloads folder.

  • Upon choosing the backup file, the app will force close; wait for it to auto-open. If not, open the app manually.
  • When the app opens, you will see the list of Cable TV channels; click any to watch.

  • Enjoy watching!


Please Read:

  • Every time you open the Perfect Player app, click the Refresh button (on the left side of the Settings icon) on the top menu so your channel list will be updated from newly added or removed channels.

  • Some channels have buffering despite the fast internet connection. The server/provider of the TV channel is the problem so we can't do anything about it. Just try to watch some other time.
  • Local channels such as GMA7, TV5, and ABS-CBN (Kapamilya Channel) are unavailable because we can't find any free servers for them. If I found some, I'll update the TV list soon.
  • After you restore the backup file, you can't access the settings because it will have a password to protect the channel servers from leaking and prevent them from blocking.
  • This Perfect Player app is a free version; that is why you will see some ads anywhere on the app. To get rid of these ads, buy the Pro version of the app.
  • Please report the TV channels that are not working or playing, so I remove them or update them to the working server.
  • Comment down below if you have questions or suggestions regarding this Live TV Streaming.


Backup File Download Link:

Backup File (.ppbck)

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