This pandemic, one of the things that people do while staying at home is to watch movies and TV series. It is easy to download and subscribe to a premium subscription of Netflix or other streaming apps to watch for 1 month but with a fee. Most people can't afford this kind of paid service because it is too pricey, and some streaming apps are not providing HD quality for basic subscriptions. You can try other options like searching free download movies or tv series online using search engines, but it isn't easy to find because some websites are not offering this content for free. You can encounter some websites that will require you to click many links or ads before you can download their free content, it is a hassle, and there is a chance that you might get a virus or malware that will destroy your phone or pc. So better skip this option.

Did you know that you can watch or download movies and TV series with no hassle, and the apps that you will use are came directly from Google Play Store? You need to follow the below requirements and instructions so you can now start your movie marathon on your Android phone/tablet/TV.


  • Unlimited Internet - Much better if you are using WIFI with DSL/Fiber Connection. It is not recommended to use Mobile Internet with limited data/GB as it will consume your data easily when watching the streaming continuously.
  • Android Phone/Tablet/TV - The apps that we will use are based on Android, but you can try to find the below apps on Appstore if you are an IOS user.
  • Tuner Radio Player - Download this on Google Play Store. We can stream movies and TV series by using this app, but it has many pop-up ads showing while watching the streaming that is why it is free. The solution to getting rid of these ads is to install Blockada Slim.
  • Blockada Slim - Download this also on Google Play Store. This is a VPN app that helps us minimize or remove ads from apps like Tuner Radio to continuously watch movies and TV series with no interruption.



  • After installation of the above apps, open Blockada Slim, click the Round Power On button in the middle, and wait until the app shows Active.


  • Next, open the Tuner Radio Player app. Then you can now search for your preferred movies and TV series that you like to watch. Enjoy watching until it's free.



Please Read:

  • We are not sure if this app will last permanently, there is a possibility that Tuner Radio will become paid service soon or remove from Google Play Store because it is offering Copyrighted content for free, which is illegal or not allowed.
  • There are times that you will see a pop-up window in the middle of a movie or TV series that you are currently watching. It shows that you need to share the app with your friends to continue watching the streaming. All you need to do is to click the Go to Share button then choose Messenger from options. After that, click the back button of your phone, and the streaming will continue to play.
  • You need to keep the Blockada Slim app in Active or Connected status to continuously prevent the random ads from showing while watching the streaming. The app is still active or connected if there is a VPN icon on your phone's status bar.
  • Like I said a while ago, you can DOWNLOAD using Tuner Radio app, but sadly you can only play the downloaded content inside the app. Comment down below if you can play the downloaded content using your 3rd party video player.
  • This is such an addictive movie streaming app. You better not abuse it.


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